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Diamond Sourcing

Molefi Letsiki Diamonds rough diamonds are sourced primarily in South Africa, Botswana, Canada, and Namibia. Our diamonds are purchased from legitimate sources and are in compliance with the United Nations regulations thus the guarantee that our diamonds are natural, contain no synthetics, and are conflict-free, in addition to written supplier testimonials.

Diamond Manufacturing

Diamond manufacturing is a collaboration of NATURE, MAN & TECHNOLOGY, and at Molefi Letsiki Diamond Holdings CC this collaboration is used to manufacture diamonds of any Cut, Colour, Carat, and Clarity, following the highest industry standards so as to achieve the best BRILLIANCE of every diamond manufactured by our craftsman.



Molefi Letsiki Diamond Holdings CC is a member of The South African Young Diamond Beneficiators Guild, The South African Diamond Dealers Club which is a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, The De Beers beneficiation project, client of The South African State Diamond Trader, and Petra Diamonds.


Whether you are looking for loose brilliantly cut investment diamonds or perfect custom-made jewellery, Molefi Letsiki Diamond Holdings cc is the solution.

Our Commitment

Molefi Letsiki Diamond Holdings is committed to meeting the highest ethical, human rights, social and environmental standards so as to assure the clients that the diamonds they purchase, or services acquired from the corporation meet the highest levels of accountability and corporate governance.

This is achieved through using all reasonable endeavors to conduct its business operations in accordance with the highest ethical standards and Best Practice Principles of the industry, as initiated and enforced by De Beers. As De Beers Beneficiation Project Member we are committed to the standards of this organization and as such we are subject to regular third-party (SGS) audits to guarantee our compliance.


Molefi Letsiki Diamond Holdings is committed to combat conflict Diamonds, and accordingly has committed itself to comply with the rules and regulations of the Kimberley Process and all the requirements of the World Diamond Council. The Provenance of every diamond is paramount and as a corporate we will never purchase or trade rough diamonds from areas where it would encourage or support conflict and human suffering, neither will we intentionally or recklessly endanger, or harm the welfare of individuals or exploit the use of child labor.

transparent business practices and ensuring traceability of every single diamond from start to finish using internal systems along with an IT platform that records every step from the moment the rough diamonds are received from the supplier.

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