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Molefi Letsiki Diamond Holdings CC is a South African based diamond and custom-made jewellery manufacturing corporation established in 2005 by Molefi Letsiki, a second generation diamantaire whose father worked as a diamond master cutter for over three decades. The corporation is accredited as a Diamond Dealer and a Diamond Beneficiators through its license which are endorsed by the South African Diamond and Precious Metals Regulator.


Molefi Letsiki Loves diamonds. He is a second-generation diamantaire with a wealth of experience in cutting and polishing. His relationship with diamonds was hostile in the beginning, the irony of being an African child whose father worked as a diamond polisher. His father would always talk about diamonds and yet Molefi had never seen one in his life.

His first encounter with diamond was unintentional, after a long day at school – He had no choice but to uncomplainingly wait for his father to finish work before they could make their way home. On one of these occasions he was captivated by the Scintillation that came from piece of carbon set in a polishing tang and that sparkle ignited in him this Love, it was there and then where he fell in Love with Diamonds.

His Love for diamonds has made him ensure that they don’t polish diamonds to set into jewellery but polish diamonds that inspire jewellers.

Molefi Letsiki is a chairman of the South African Diamond Dealers Club, which is a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, which Molefi is an executive committee member of, and one of the founding members of Young Diamantaires.
Molefi is also the co-founder and president of the South African Young Diamond Beneficiators Guild which aims to achieve increased diamond beneficiation of South African produced rough diamonds locally so as to achieve positive job numbers and develop the local diamond industry into an attractive prospect for other emerging entrepreneurs;

Molefi Letsiki Diamond Holdings is part of De Beers’ Diamond Beneficiation project which facilitates the growth and transformation of the South African owned diamond entities, a client of the South African State Diamond Trader, Petra Diamonds and Forevermark Diamantaire.


To be a world class polished diamond distributor.


Our mission is to process rough diamonds into the most desirable polished gemstones.
We undertake to work with our jeweller partners to co-create custom made diamond jewellery of the finest quality.


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